The real devil wears prada documentary

The story goes the frosty editor of US Vogue gave permission for this revealing documentary to prove she isn't really the devil although she does occasionally wear Prada. Shot over nine months, it tracks the Vogue team, led by Wintour, editor of 20 years, putting together the September 2007 issue, in the good old days pre-credit crunch remember? This is not so much a fashion version of The Office as an insight into the exhilarating yet terrifying fashion world inhabited by stick-legged, Manolo-wearing fashion robots (known as the Voguettes). Everything is here from the politics of personal to awesome behind the scenes footage of international catwalk shows. At the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009, despite being one of many heavyweight human interest films, this was a surprise hit perhaps because it contained every single human emotion from pain and humiliation to compassion. All just another day at the Vogue office. Wintour gave director, RJ Cutler, complete freedom to edit the movie ("he showed us the film a little while ago and we made a few suggestions, all of which he ignored," she says). Most revealing is the stoical relationship between Wintour and her creative director, Grace Coddington, perhaps the only woman who isn't frightened of the scary lady-with-a-bob. Best bitchy bit is when you hear the September cover girl, Sienna Miller, needs re-touching because of her dodgy teeth and hair!

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