Going loco for Coco..

Chanelmania explodes on to the big screen this year with three films out about the life, loves and times of the famous French designer who revolutionised womenswear in the 20th century. As well as an artsy 10-minute silent snore-fest by Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel/Paris-Moscou), there are two rather more exciting major works, exploring the extraordinary woman who re-wrote the book on fashion. First is Coco Avant Chanel (out 22 April), an epic by French director/screenwriter, Anne Fontaine, which features sumptuous costumes, outstanding photography and the beautiful and very believable, Audrey Tatou in the lead. Chanel And Igor Stravinsky, directed by Jan Kounen, explores the relationship between the ruthlessly ambitious designer (played by husky-voiced French star, Anna Mouglalis) and the controversial Russian composer (Bond baddie, Mads Mikkelsen) who wrote the score for The Rite Of Spring performed by The Ballets Russes, which remember, scandalised Paris in 1913. Be warned: if you don't speak French, a dictionary is a must as these come in Chanel's authentic mother tongue. It's good to learn more about the person behind the awesome clothing legacy. Which is why both are worth a butcher's.

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