Forget swishing, swapping and shopping your wardrobe, the latest recession shopping trend that’s got fashion mavens hooked means you can buy the new pieces you really want to update your wardrobe next season – without splashing your hard earned cash.

While ‘shopping your wardrobe’ means being creative with last season’s buys and reinventing those old classics languishing in the back of your wardrobe, the wiliest fashion fans are balancing their fashion books by trading in old designer or high street buys for cash, and easily raising the funds for autumn’s essential new items.

Tthere’s a much bigger market now for nearly new and second hand designer or high street pieces and, if you know where to look there’s lots of great shops and websites springing up that facilitate this new recession trend. Which all means, with relatively little effort – and if you’re prepared to share the spoils and pay commission - you can offload a few pieces each month to keep your fashion fund topped up.

One ex-fashion editor has recently traded in all her old ‘it’ bags (‘they don’t feel right any more’) and has now got the cash she needs for autumn’s essential over-the-knee boots and the Missoni knit snood she’s on the list for. Another shopper told us she’s ruthlessly sold off a third of her old wardrobe to buy the new season bag and coat she can’t live without.

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