Sula-paint and peel polish

Just when I think I'm on my way to becoming a real adult, the fashion world keeps pulling me back.
About that polish:you're going to love it when you try Sula Paint & Peel Polish ($9).
It was actually created by accident. Perfumer 
Susanne Langmuir(fragrance aficionados, you may be familiar with her perfume line) formulated it while trying to come up with a polish free of those smelly and hazardous chemicals. Upon removing the offending ingredients, the remaining concoction was a peel-off polish. 
Figuring "what-the-heck?," she launched it in four shades last summer. They sold out immediately
Luckily, she's announced that new on-trend shades will be rolled out twice yearly to keep up with the demand. I'm all about "Azure," a creamy blue-green hue that is an accessory in and of itself.
What I love about this polish (besides its ample brush) is that you don't have to make an event out of applying it. Simply slap it on your nails while on the phone or watching TV, no on standby liquid polish remover and emergency stockpile of cotton balls and Q-tips necessary. 
If you mess up? Just peel off and redo. (Make sure to let dry for 30 minutes, the time it takes to fully set.) 

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