Louis Vuitton Speedy Exhibition

To celebrate Selfridges 100th Birthday, Louis Vuitton is launching an exhibition in the Concept Store for its iconic Speedy bag from Monday 1 June until Thursday 25 June.

The Speedy Concept Store will feature an insight into the history of the Speedy and the Louis Vuitton brand. Specialist techniques such as hot stamping and Mon Monogram will also be available to customers, where you can  personalise your purchases.

You will also find limited edition Speedy 35 Monogram Miroir bags in gold and silver, previously only available as a Speedy 30. These bags will be reintroduced from the Louis Vuitton archive for a short period, and will be sold exclusively through the Concept Store.

The Speedy Concept Store will incorporate an exhibition of Speedy bags, from Louis Vuitton’s long heritage. A complete cross section of Speedy bags will be on display, including collector’s items from the Louis Vuitton archives, such as the Takashi Murakami Cherry print bag, and the original Stephen Sprouse Speedy from 2001.

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