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Let's go for shopping..

Where should i start from??So many things to share with you..well I am sure that the most CHIC ladies know it already but have  you ever heard of PANDORA, or DRESS BOX in Knightsbridge??Well if you haven't.. go to 16-22 Cheval Place and you will remember me.I went there for the first time four years ago and since then I have been informing my friends about these shops. They don't know whether to love me or hate me( dad is paying..).So what is so fabulous about them?In the heart of Knightsbridge Pandora and Dress Box are the smart woman's choice when shopping for great clothes. The shop is packed with pre-owned designer labels at a fraction of their original price.You will find everything from ballgowns to handbags, from Chanel suits to Jimmy Choo shoes, from Moschino Jackets to Valentino cocktail dresses. Hats for Ascot, Prom dresses, Wedding outfits, Burberry skirts and little black dresses. Pre-owned designer labels at affordable prices.Its a fantastic opportunity to buy designer labels without paying a fortune.Not to mention when it is sales season..
Apart from buying it is a fantastic opportunity to sell as well.They  accept items for re-sale every day.I have been both a buyer and a seller .My first purchase was the louis vuitton epi noe bag for 250£!it was a bit used but i love it when the leather is a bit worn..!!Then it followed marni and gucci tops, miu miu shoes..and it goes on..You never know this fabulous Calvin Klein s/s 2006 dress might be there waiting for you.. What are you waiting for?Go and have fun!!!

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