Cheap and chic..

How many times did you have a nice walk around the lovely shops in bond street..let us name just a few ,no?Cartier, Bulgary, Van Cleef & Arpels..e.t.c  looking at the window display,imaging wearing these fantastic earrings,necklaces,rings and stepping closer and closer towards the window and then.. reality!!!..you cant even touch them..
Well its not that bad one day..sooner or later its going to happen.. But for now don't worry!!you don't have to buy only expensive accessories to be chic..There are a few stores in Soho which have a huge selection of jewellery in VERY low prices..Before Christmas I went there and bought a fantastic golden chunky chain necklace for 8£..I loved it because it reminded me of the necklace the Bond girl was wearing in Quantum of Solace!!!A few months later I saw it in different high street shops.Marie Claire magazine(issue April 2009) published exactly the same from YSL and guess how much it cost..around £500..
The bag is also gorgeous YSL as well £820.If you cannot afford these prices why not to hire them??EXACTLY!Have a look in these websites and hire designer bags anytime you want!!bag them!!!!





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  1. This is gorgeous!! I'm a bagaholic and I love so much to collect both "branded" bags and cheap ones.... for example my favourites are a Louis Vuttion Alma and another I bought in camden for 20£.... so thank you for tip!!!!




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