model moments S/S 11

Frida Gustavsson | 56 Shows ( Image Credit | Vogue.co.uk )
One of my absolute favorite moments of this season were when I were given the amazing honor of the opening spot at Lanvin. The feeling of opening a show so energetic, so strong and so incredibly beautiful is something I cannot describe other than feeling truly honored, certainly a memory to keep for the rest of my life.
Another great moment of this season was at the end, having arrived in Paris, walking into our (mine and Jacs) amazing apartment in the North Marais! I walked in exhausted, carrying three suitcases and with low expectations and were met by a 140 sq meters apartment palace and nothing could’ve possibly been better that night crawling into a giant bed after cooking my own meal.

Hanne Gaby Odiele | 50 Shows ( Image Credit | Vogue.co.uk )
I always love a motorbike in Paris between shows, but I think I said that last season. My favorite moment this season would have to be the backstage at Emilio Pucci this season and the frantic search for the “BLACK BIKINI FOR TONI!!”

Having dinner and drinks at the Nhow hotel in Milano and watching a woman walk DIRECTLY into a glass door. She was totally fine, but it was a well needed laugh during Milan!

Melissa Tammerijn | 63 Shows ( Image Credit | Vogue.co.uk )
My best fashion moment for S/S 2011 is the John Galliano show! The clothes and the casting was amazing! John told us all a story backstage about who we should be and where we had come from, it was amazing to able to feel the emotion in the air backstage, going out on to the runway in the most stunning venue and playing our role was just the best.

Constance Jablonski | 51 Shows ( Image Credit | Vogue.co.uk )
First one in NY, at the Thakoon show. The show was at 5pm and Siri, Sara and I were supposed to arrive a little bit late because we had an other show just before at 4pm. Unfortunately our 4pm show got started so late that we arrived in Thakoon backstage around 5.30pm, everybody was waiting for us and when we finally arrived the show had started already!!! Lucky I had the last outfit on the runway, I just had the time to run to my rack to put on my dress on and close the show without hair or make up! That was crazy!
Second nice memory was in Paris, one of my friends celebrated his birthday on a boat on the Seine the last day of fashion week. The boat took off for 2 hours during the night, Such a magical moment with all of Paris lighted and the illuminated Eiffel tower!

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