Saturday relaxing at Kings Road

Enjoying my Saturday shopping hour in Kings Road with my boyfriend!Then after a lot of walking we enjoyed a glass of white wine at Manicomio restaurant in Sloane Square..


  1. I love your outfit! And your handbag!

    Just wanted to ask as well... I saw your Zara ankle boots in a post lower down... I live in London, too, but find it near impossible to walk in heels unless I'm in a car! Do you have this problem as well? Or am I the only one who gets blisters walking down the road in heels? lol!

  2. thanks Leia!heels do hurt and you are not the only one!no matter how much you suffer though high heels always look fabulous!
    my tip?i love big bags so whenever I am wearing high heels I always take with me a pair of ballerinas just in case..!

    have a lovely day!




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