Miu Miu-Handbag of the week

Summer's finally here and we're having a Jane Birkin moment in Team Fashion. One thing Jane never left home without was her trusty basket and, even though this Miu Miu interpretation of the old plastic classic isn't exactly her vibe, we're utterly smitten and want to whisk her off to the continent tout de suite! 

Dress her up for yachting on the Riviera, or dress her down (our recommendation) as a chic and colourful companion to this summer's staple distressed denim shorts and festival hair look. She's all you need to make a style statement this holiday season. 

And for those of you worrying about the contents of your bag being on display and vulnerable to sliding out of the holes, needless to say Miuccia is one step ahead of you and has included a detachable drawstring satin slip. 

What more could a girl wish for this summer? Credit cards at the ready...

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