Michelle Obama Wears Toywatch Timepiece

Toywatch watches are pretty popular, especially since Oprah endorsed them a while ago.  Now, aside from that Toywatch watches have a lot to offer. You get that Rolex Submariner style look, in a bunch of fanciful colors, in light weight plastic and with a quartz movement. The style is nice actually, and I like the idea behind the brand. I am concerned though that for almost two hundred dollars you are overpaying for a watch that is plastic and has a very basic and inexpensive movement. So what you are paying for is a fashion statement and to be part of a growing club of celebrities that have been known to wear the watches. 

Michelle Obama is an ad hoc celebrity of course, and she has been recently seen with her family wearing a purple Toywatch in Paris, France. The specific model is the 
Neon Plasteramic Ultra Violet watch. A 38mm wide plastic timepiece that ironically reads "Professional" on the dial. This watch collection is available in a variety of colors and is certainly a bold statement, with an equally bold price. If you like it, you'll be among a long list of other people who do. Just be careful with it as the watch is plastic - just like a toy. Michelle Obama has been seen wearing other watches as well, such as a Cartier for her official White House portrait

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