Kate Moss Nude for Every Occasion

On July 1 Christie's in London will auction off a stunning full frontal nude ofKate Moss by Chuck Close in itsPhotographs sale. Taken in 2003, theartwork is estimated at about $11,500 - $16,000 but could easily go much higher.

If that's out of your range or you don't want to risk being outbid, there's another option for getting Kate naked at your place. Via
PhotographersLimitedEditions.com you can now purchase signed limited edition works from some of the world's best known photographers.

The investment-quality pieces come in limited editions of 11-25. One of our favorites is this nude of Moss by British photographer
Rankin, taken in 2000. Produced in a limited edition of 25, the photo is priced at about $4,500.

The site also offers several of Rankin's other works including some celebrity portraits, as well as photos by the likes of Antoine Verglas, Arthur Elgort and Marc Baptiste, featuring many other gorgeous nudes.

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