Jo Malone's New Fragrance

There's been an overload of fragrance news lately -- from celeb launches to big name store scents -- and let's be honest, some of them will be hits but some of them will be major misses, and in five years we'll forget they even existed. ('Tis the harsh reality of the perfume world!)

But one iconic fragrance brand that 
never misses is Jo Malone. The chic candles! The luxurious lotions! But most importantly, the amazing colognes! 

From the classic 
Red Roses to the more unusual note combos that sound like they would be weird until you put them on and realize how fantastic they smell 
This September, Jo Malone will add another gem to its fragrance roster with the launch of Vanilla & Anise Cologne. 

Inspired by the lush valleys of Madagascar, the scent is a warm blend of purple vanilla orchid, clove, neroli, star anise, oleander, and a slew of other exquisite notes for which Jo Malone is known.

It'll be the perfect scent to wear for fall -- sensual, cozy and exotic. Another winner for Malone!

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